“The finest canoe club in the whole dam universe”

Dabulamanzi Canoe club was founded by a group of paddlers who decided to set up the second canoe club in Johannesburg (after JCC), which would be more conveniently situated in the north of Joburg, in 1979.

The founder members, realising that Emmarentia Dam was to be the premier Gauteng canoeing venue of the future, had the vision to establish a club, which today consistently has a membership of some 1000+ members, comprising world champions in various categories, SA National Team members, SA champions, a strong provincial representation and recreational (fish n’chips) paddlers.

Dabs news – It’s GO time

Races, dances, dalliances, it's all happening! This month:Sponsored Time Trial - 20th Feb (i.e. this Thursday). You are a dancing queen - March 6th. High Altitude Surf Ski Championships - March 14th. AGM - March 19th. Start saving for subs and racks. Development...

Dabs news – Let’s vaai and let’s braai

SCARC and Dabs combo TT Tonight A great chance to either go much faster than you usually do with a fit youngster in the back, or pay it forward by helping a newby go faster.There will be a bring and braai afterwards so bring, chops. Sorry, that should read: bring...

Dabs news – a short one

This month's vignettes:The boat sale - like the Oscars, never without drama, Pilates - on core.Bidorbuy bidorbuy bidorbuy - Auction timeThe big day is dawning. And the BIG DAY is this Sunday the 15th of September.All the boats that have been impounded because their...

Upcoming events

It’s that time of year again…


Saturday 14 March
3.30 pm
Emmarentia Beach
2 weeks after Dusi
1 week after Dabs dinner dance
2 weeks before Umko

Only surf skis (sit on tops) and SUPs are allowed to enter.

Prizegiving includes a lucky draw for a SWORDFISH!

Your MEAL is included


Thursday 20th February 2020 will be a Special Sponsored Time Trial by SDI (organised by BAM). Plenty of Free Drinks and unique lucky draws. See You All There.