“The finest canoe club in the whole dam universe”

Dabulamanzi Canoe club was founded by a group of paddlers who decided to set up the second canoe club in Johannesburg (after JCC), which would be more conveniently situated in the north of Joburg, in 1979.

The founder members, realising that Emmarentia Dam was to be the premier Gauteng canoeing venue of the future, had the vision to establish a club, which today consistently has a membership of some 1000+ members, comprising world champions in various categories, SA National Team members, SA champions, a strong provincial representation and recreational (fish n’chips) paddlers.


Get back to work……

But first make sure your priorities are sorted by getting your next holiday planned and your paddling schedule in line with your new year’s resolution to get fitter and stronger.

In this month’s newsletter:
A 40th invite – Dabs is turning the the Big Four Oh;
Another boat sale – all squatting boats must go;
Novice Time Trials – ease into paddling;
High Altitude Surf Ski Championship coming up 2 weeks after Dusi


Happy Monday
Summer’s here, the holidays are coming, if you’re not well into your paddling by now, you should be. Read all the exciting news in this month’s newsletter, including:
Volunteers wanted……wait, wait, don’t delete yet, there’s other better stuff too;
– Dabulamanzi’s new K-9 Unit beefs up security
– Night of the Stars – junior awards event this Sunday at Dabs
– The Virtuosity games to be held at Dabs, some crossfit stuff mixed with boats and water
– A coaching reminder will be sent out later this week – if you really want to improve


The weekend has finally dawned….LIEBENBERGSVLEI time!
Admittedly the entries from the club could have been a bit better, but the committee is hoping and trusting that’s due to the lackadaisical attitude of paddlers and most are planning to enter tomorrow when they get there.
Have a good one!


Pilates for paddlers


Pilates at Emmarentia Dam every Wednesday (06:00-07:00 am and 07:15-08:15 am) and Friday (07:15-08:15 am) at the beautiful Dabulamanzi Canoe Club on the water’s edge.

A core workout, designed for men and women of all ages. Pilates creates flexibility, stability, a great posture and an all over strong and lean body.

R100 per class.
You can contact me Sonja on 084 9119881 or at  bons@iafrica.com.

Exciting news for summer is we are looking to do classes on Sups (stand up paddle boards) where you can explore a more challenging experience of Pilates on the water!


Boat sale


When: 27th of January, 10am

Where: the Dabs boat racks

There will be another boat sale on the 27th, the reasons being:

  • Getting rid of illegally squatting boats in the racks;
  • A chance for beginners to get new boats and upgrade from club boats: and
  • A chance for Dusi hopefuls/wannabes/also-rans to get a boat for the race.

Please remove your boats if they are squatting, or they will be sold.

If you want to sell your boat, please contact Orcillia (011 – 486 0979 info@dabulamanzi.co.za)
Or Tony Purchase (083 – 453 9789 tony.hutton@mweb.co.za).


Novice Time Trials


When: Wednesday evenings

Distance: 6km

For those that don’t quite have the confidence to immerse themselves in the cut and thrust of the Thursday evening time trial, there is a mellower version on Wednesday evenings of only 6km, in which you won’t be sworn at or rammed out of your boat, except by accident.

And there will be assistance if needed for boat set up and some basic techniques.

So beginners should come along and get their sea legs, and get to know more people at the club, and have a few beers on the best deck in Jo’burg.