Hi all, it’s a big weekend down there by the club. The World Champs is being streamed live, boats are being auctioned and the weather looks fairly chilly, but still better than winter. So head on down.


  • Squatting boats are being evicted and auctioned by Tony “Red Ants” Purchase – there are donwloadable pictures below.
  • Thursday TT – starts now at 17H45 (but then you knew that if you got there early yesterday evening, hope you paddled a few extra laps instead of yarning on the bank).
  • Thursday 20th of September – 10 in 1, also streaming live at the club


Dabs Annual Boat Auction – lots of boat action

( @ Dabulamanzi Boat Racks)

Sunday 9 September 2018

Viewing from 10h00
Auction starts approx. 11h00

  • Bidder registration R20, between 10h00 and 11h00 on the day, in the boat pound.
  • Auction fee per private sale boat, the greater of R100 or 10% of sale price.
  • R100 seller’s registration per boat to be paid up front at office between 09h00 and 10h30.
  • Boats are bought “voetstoets”. All winning bids must be paid for immediately after auction and boats must be removed from site same day too or placed in a paid for rack.
  • Boats can be viewed from 10h00 on the day in the boat pound.

And watch Hank and Andy in action at the World Champs afterwards at the club over a cold one – smugly knowing that you have a new(ish) boat.

Pictures of squatting boats that are going to be auctioned as well.

The following boats have all been identified and will be sold on auction if an arrangement is not made with Red Ants Purchy – 083 453 9789

Squatting boats – some nice ones too – click here (3.5mb)


Liebenbergsvlei – 8 more sleeps

Check it out on Facebook –

You should have made all your plans by now.


Pilates for paddlers – at the Dabs club house

Reminder of Pilates classes, if you haven’t stretched your boundaries, or your hamstrings lately, this is for you.

Pilates is great for the prevention of injuries and will create flexibility, mobility, stability and core strength, which will help you to sit taller and be stronger and faster in your boat

Classes will be every Wednesday and Friday mornings from 6 – 7 am and 7 – 8 am.  Your first Pilates session will be free of charge, thereafter R100 pp per class, Juniors R50. *(please bring your own mat)

You are welcome to bring your wives, friends and kids along. (Afternoon classes can be arranged if there is a demand).

Call Sonja if you have any queries on 084 9119881 or


Surfski Reminders – the sea is still the place to be

19 20 21 October
Commit now
This is the only Dabs organised ocean race
You’ll kick yourself if you don’t

20 Oct
GREAT RACE if you are getting married on 19 Oct and can’t do Turtle Tour

24 to 28 Oct
180 km
Warm KZN water
Ideal qualifier

3 4 November
East London
Dabs and Gauteng fun weekend away. Gauteng’s opportunity to fly our flag

5 6 7 8 December
The ultimate challenge
Commitments from 4 Dabs crews
You know you want to!
This is a proper test. Mere mortals must commit now and prepare properly.
If you sit on the fence you will have to wait until 2020 (when the wind is against you).

15 Dec

Yes it is very busy and you can not do everything. So sift through the programme. Get a partner. Get off the fence. Choose your races. Commit!!



Results will be sent out next week – well done to all who pulled this off.

Special thanks to our sponsor Add Resins, without whom this event would not be possible.


Time to think about losing that winter condition…..