Happy Monday

Summer’s here, the holidays are coming, if you’re not well into your paddling by now, you should be. Read all the exciting news in this month’s newsletter, including:

  • Volunteers wanted……wait, wait, don’t delete yet, there’s other better stuff too;
  • Dabulamanzi’s new K-9 Unit beefs up security
  • Night of the Stars – junior awards event this Sunday at Dabs
  • The Virtuosity games to be held at Dabs, some crossfit stuff mixed with boats and water
  • A coaching reminder will be sent out later this week – if you really want to improve

K-9 Unit gives Dabs’ security staff some teeth

Responding to the ever increasing need to stay one four-legged step ahead of crime, Dabulamanzi has deployed a canine response unit for Tuesday and Thursday morning school. Although principally a deterrent at this stage, Lucky is able to sit and beg on command, and will be working towards barking at strangers and close protection work.
Said Dabs’ Head of Security, Patrick Mbulaheni Mabogo, “having Lucky by my side has given me more confidence to patrol the roadside above the car park and look after paddlers’ keys. He does scare some people down there by the club, and a few people cross the street to get to the other side.”

Night of the Stars


Just putting it out there for now, but we are helping host the SA Marathon Champs next year. Your club needs you to help. It’s always the same people, so maybe those who haven’t contributed that much over the years can give it some thought. We will start asking more and more as it approaches.

We will need help either with the organisation, or on the race days. Please give back, it’s how societies work.

Virtuosity GamesThere are several Virtuosity Events (Virtuosity Games) held throughout the year with various partners and encompassing different fitness elements.

All proceeds from Virtuosity Events are in aid of the Virtuosity Foundation and is utilised to purchase books for Gr 2 to Gr 4 learners as part of the Read to Rise initiative.

The next one is going to be at Dabs. More details here. http://virtuosity.co.za/events/virtuosity-games-18-3/

  • They want us to join them with a few teams mixed up with “professional paddlers” HA HA HA HA HA, anyway, I guess that means us. So please support this, it should be great fun and excellent for your fitness.
  • Virtuosity Games 18.3
    November 24, 2018
    7:00 am – 2:00 pm

Images of Dabulamanzi Canoe Club (source: Dabulamanzi Facebook Page)

A multi-disciplinary team event that could incorporate elements of functional fitness, running and/or paddling.

There will be 2 events on the day:

1)  General Physical Preparedness (Overall fitness)

Test your overall level of fitness incorporating different elements from different sports and types of exercise.   There will be no paddling in this event.

2)  ProAm Paddling event

Professional paddler partnered with a novice.  This part of the event is optional and dependent on the number of proficiency certified paddlers on the day.  If you are a novice and would like to try your hand at paddling this is the perfect opportunity.

Suitable for all fitness levels.  Something for everyone, beginner and elite categories.

Teams of 4,  2 guys and 2 girls.

Guidelines on which category to enter:

Winter series guys who need to pick up their prizes from Lucky Levick

Al Pagel
Benjamin Mtonintshi
Brad Breetzke
Chris Carnegie
Claytonius Coetzee
Connor Erwee
Graeme Johnston
Harold Wattrus
Johnny Macdonald
Luke Symons
Marco Magni
Mark Sandorder
Neil Barrow
Nkosi Mzolo
Sheldon Baker
Simon Spooner
Thembeni Jococela
Tinyiko Minyawi
Wongama Mnkasi
Get out there, don’t miss the whole summer…..