Get back to work……

The Big 4-OH

Don’t say you haven’t got time to plan and clear your diary….
It will be at the club itself, because we love it there, that’s why.

Boat sale – 27th of January – 10am

There will be another boat sale on the 27th, the reasons being:
Getting rid of illegally squatting boats in the racks;
A chance for beginners to get new boats and upgrade from club boats: and
A chance for Dusi hopefuls/wannabes/also-rans to get a boat for the race.
Please remove your boats if they are squatting, or they will be sold.

If you want to sell your boat, please contact Orcillia (011 – 486 0979
Or Tony Purchase (083 – 453 9789

Novice Time Trials – Wednesday evenings – 6km

For those that don’t quite have the confidence to immerse themselves in the cut and thrust of the Thursday evening time trial, there is a mellower version on Wednesday evenings of only 6km, in which you won’t be sworn at or rammed out of your boat, except by accident.

And there will be assistance if needed for boat set up and some basic techniques.

So beginners should come along and get their sea legs, and get to know more people at the club, and have a few beers on the best deck in Jo’burg.

High Altitude Surf Ski Championship

The HASSC will be held two weeks after Dusi this year. So don’t pack your ski away after the holidays just yet.


Just putting it out there (and we’ll leave this paragraph in for a few months so it sinks in), but we are helping host the SA Marathon Champs next year. Your club needs you to help. It’s always the same people, so maybe those who haven’t contributed that much over the years can give it some thought. We will start asking more and more as it approaches.

We will need help either with the organisation, or on the race days.

Your committee needs you. You elected us to work for you, but now we need you to work for us.