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You know how you feel when you read that Soweto owes Eskom R19bn and then your City of JHB bill arrives and you owe them five grand? That light feeling of rage and despair all mixed into one that makes you want to pour a whisky. That’s how the paid up members of Dabs feel about the guys who haven’t paid and still have boats chilling easy in the racks.

SO, it’s 4 months from the due date, the time for finger wagging is over, and serious action is afoot. We have a new boat rack administrator, a man of action, few words, and largely composed of sculpted muscle and vegetable protein.

Boats are being impounded. And it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

In addition to this, the committee has decided that having two boats in one rack is a bit like Soweto paying only for off-peak use. It still isn’t fair. So only one boat per rack as well please. And if one is a Nelo and the other old and yellow, guess which one will be impounded. And there will be a fine to get it back.

You can make your own moral choices about eTolls and TV Licences, but pay your subs. It’s the right thing to do!  
Liebenbergsvlei Race – the pride of Dabs

It’s this month, paddlers. Very exciting. 

Please enter early, as it does give the organisers an idea of what to expect in terms of numbers. There’s always a rush at the end, but if you enter now, you’ve painted yourself into a corner. No lunch at the in-laws which you were supposed to have known about can stop you. “But I’ve entered, darling.”

Website: https://www.lbvcanoemarathon.co.za/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Liebenbergsvlei/

Contact Allistar Jackson if you want to help: 083 294 7899

Don’t forget the coffee shop, brew

Juma & Jura entries

Orcillia still has a few free entries to these races. Ask her if you want one at info@dabulamanzi.co.za

Pete Marlin

We are taking a trailer to this Eastern Cape special.
If you want to book a slot, either do it on the Transvaal Navy whatsapp group (ask Pete “not a marlin” o’ Connor to add you)
or email Orcillia on info@dabulamanzi.co.za
And what about thiski?

The Waveski KZN open was last Saturday 11th of August.

30 riders including women’s and juniors from all over SA performed in tough conditions with 6ft and a strong North East wind, the kind that transforms the spot into a minefield.

Bruce Viaene – 1st – MACSKI
Duran Martin – 2nd – MACSKI
Ryan Griffith – 3rd – VIKING
Mike Wessels- 4th – MACSKI

A very well organized even held at Durban’s Dairy beach in howling onshore winds and on challenging, technical waves.
Massive thanks to the KZN waveski committee, all the organizers, sponsors and head judge Kieth Hardie for a slick event.

Looks like a proper joll.

Contact Eric if you want to learn more about it – Eric 076 280 6452

Maybe you can even enter SA champs in September. How hard can it be? What could go wrong?