This month’s vignettes:
The boat sale – like the Oscars, never without drama, Pilates – on core.

Bidorbuy bidorbuy bidorbuy – Auction time
The big day is dawning. And the BIG DAY is this Sunday the 15th of September.

All the boats that have been impounded because their racks haven’t been paid for are being auctioned off this Sunday. 

As well as other previously loved boats that their legitimate and fee paying owners (thank you) want to sell but can’t be bothered to put on Gumtree and drive to Benoni to sell in case the petrol ends up costing more than they get for the boat.

Here’s the list, and apologies that the filename is so long. Just click on it though, you don’t have to type it out.

If your boat is on here and you’ve paid up your Dabs fees and it’s all been a terrible mistake, you need to get hold of either one of the people below.But before you do, please store up your rage in a shaking little ball and keep it inside you to release at a more appropriate time…like when the referee disallows a Springbok try on the 21st of September. Then it’s time to throw the brandy bottle at the TV. But until then, your committee has worked hard to contact boat owners, to cross check racks, to see if fees were paid, etc. But hey, we’re not Donald Trump, we’re not always right. So it’s possible one or two may have slipped through the racks.

EITHER Annwyn Du Preez: 27 81 766 8669

Other details on the boat sale:

•    Bidder registration is R20, between 9h00 and 10h00 on the day, in the boat pound.

•    Auction fee per private sale boat, the greater of R100 or 10% of sale price. R100 seller’s registration per boat to be paid up front at office between 08h00 and 9h30. i.e. if you don’t want to drive to Benoni to sell your boat, pay R100 and let it all happen on your behalf

•    Boats are bought “voetstoets”. All winning bids must be paid for immediately after auction and boats must be removed from site same day too or placed in paid for rack. “Voetstoets” is just a nice word to use. But in reality, did you ever buy a boat with a warranty or 300km service plan?

•    Boats can be viewed from 9h00 on the day in the boat pound.

•    Opportunity! Rent a rack at R600. If you paid your rack fees (thank you), you’ll know that this is a good discount. Your new rack will be “voetstoets” though.

Functional Fitness for Paddlers has started at the Dabs Clubhouse. The exercises are designed for Paddlers and focus primarily on balance, body awareness, flexibility and core strength, creating optimal paddling performance for all.

Mondays – 4pm to 5pm and the Express class is from 5pm to 5.30pm.
Wednesdays – Express class is from 6.45am to 7.15am and the hour class 7.30am to 8.30am.

Cost is R120 for the hour class and R80 for the 30min Express class…Dont forget to bring a thick mat!

Please contact Sonja on 0849119881 or for more info or if you would like to join in.

Don’t forget the coffee shop, brew
Pete Marlin

We are taking a trailer to this Eastern Cape special.
If you want to book a slot, either do it on the Transvaal Navy whatsapp group (ask Pete “not a marlin” o’ Connor to add you)
or email Orcillia on