Flattening the curve

Paddlers are typically a courageous lot, who assess risks and take them head on, but this is not one we can really accept without it impacting others who may not be in a resilient position.

Whilst someone reasonably young and fit is unlikely to die from the Corona Virus, and probably should get the virus in order to build up resilience and immunity, there are lots of people with whom we come in to contact (our parents perhaps) who don’t have the same odds.

So it makes sense to follow the protocols being followed by the schools and offices around SA, and restrict our social interractions in order to “flatten the curve” and help slow the uptake of the disease and resultant load on our medical system.

Therefore, we regret that:The AGM (scheduled for this Thursday the 19th) is postponed and we will communicate a suitable date in due course;Formal Time Trials will not be held and the bar will not be opened on Thursday evenings until further notice;SA Canoe Polo championships this weekend have been cancelled; and All other races and events have been too.Hang in there, everyone, keep your hands clean and we’ll be back in business as soon as possible and rational.

The good times will be back……