It’s 20-Plenty, baby! ….pfffffft, that didn’t age well!
This month: Money, More money, The end is in sight – and we’re going to have to let off some steam
SCARC in Lockdown

Food is SCARCe

The Dabulamanzi Canoe Club officially adopted SCARC 16 years ago.  It has been a great interrelationship that has added value to all of us. The epitome of this was  the “Beyond The River” feature film, the story of Piers & Siseko.  With the Lockdown being extended, our SCARC Families and their extended families living in the Elias Motsoaledi squatter camp desperately need our support!!
This is for basic food and essentials to ensure the survival of their families during these difficult times.
A R250 donation will help feed a family for a month and to purchase basic essentials.
To all our Dabs members who have already so spontaneously made donations, we thank you.
For anyone who would like to make a donation, please do so to:  DABULAMANZI CANOE CLUB
Greenside branch – Code 197 505
Account 197 099 3626
NB please reference SCARC and your initial and surname

Thank you. Remember that for a lot of people, winter is coming… 
Fees are due

We understand that these are tough and exceptional circumstances.  Our most important concern is YOU, OUR MEMBER.  If you are unable to pay your fees at this time, please email our treasurer, Neil Barrow, at  Alternatively, you are welcome to communicate with any member of the committee.  We would be more than happy to come to an arrangement with you.  Our club is a family and we will make whatever plans are necessary to keep our community intact.
You will have received a statement of fees owing from Orcillia.  

However, if you can pay your subs and rack fees, please do so now, to give those who need to get back to work to build up the cash some breathing space. It’s time to pull the bunch if you have the strength to do so.
But Lockdown is almost easing

So for all of us, although there is no set date yet, start girding your loins for a breakout bash (the first Thursday after we’re unleashed from homebound hell sounds sensible). It will obviously depend on when we’re allowed to gather at the club and hug one another.