A letter from SCARC

Dear reader
We are proud that many of our SCARC members have either completed Matric this year or have finished their studies.

Due to this, we have numerous SCARC members who need to get internships, job shadowing or part time employment during this holiday season.  
We would like to ask the Dabulamanzi club members if they have any of the following opportunities available for these SCARCIES:
Law graduates- we have law graduates looking for articles.
Paramedics – Qualified paramedics ready to go.
Crane operators – we have 3 individuals that have their licences to operate a crane.
Nurse – We have one individual who recently qualified as a Nurse
Any other jobs / internships available – There are many SCARC members that have completed Matric and would need some guidance in their career futures.
Any other driving jobs available will be highly appreciated as we have standby drivers with valid licences.
SCARC strongly believes in the upliftment and empowerment of all our members and your support would be greatly appreciated.

For any queries please contact Melissa@adreach.co.za or Andile@adreach.co.za 
Best Regards,
Andile Nyanga
PR and Sponsor relations representative
Soweto Canoe and Recreation Club