How much does it cost to rent boats?

The club does not rent out the boats. If people are interested in learning to canoe, it is best to contact Attila Adrovicz. There is a beginner’s class, free of charge, on Saturdays from 14h00-16h00.

My child would like to canoe but the school doesn’t offer it?

Contact Jodie at ellinordreyer@icloud.com. She is in charge of training clinics and school's league races. Alternatively contact our juniors coach, Phineas Zulu.

Do I have to pay full membership fee if I only join the club later on in the year?

Membership at Dabs is annual. A discount will be given to first time members ONLY from October.

What do I wear to canoe?

In the winter months thermal gear is advised. Paddling pants, similar to cycling pants but without the padding, are a popular choice. A splash cover (this is worn by the paddler, and it is used to prevent water from entering the cockpit whilst paddling) is advisable for the months of winter, and a definite if the paddler wants to go down a river. All paddling gear and equipment can be purchased at either of the following stores:
Canoe Concepts
Macarbi Rowshop

Where do I hide/keep my keys when I am on the water?

Patrick Mabogo (yellow reflector vest) is our Mr. Security. He is stationed on the road just outside the gate to the entrance of the club. He has been working at the club for over 10 years. Leave your keys with Patrick if you don’t want to paddle with them. Otherwise there are lockers in the change-rooms but you will need to bring your own lock. DO NOT HIDE YOUR KEYS ON YOUR WHEEL OR ANYWHERE ON OR NEAR YOUR CAR!!

Can I rent the clubhouse for an private function?

If you have been a member for over a year then you are most welcome to request the use of the venue at the office. A venue hire fee will be charged. Speak to Orcillia for more.

Can I pay for membership etc with cash?

Payment can be made via EFT or by card. The club does not accept AMEX or DINERS.

If you have any queries, feel free to contact us - our details can be found here.