So you want to join Dabs?
Fantastic, and welcome to the finest canoe club in the whole dam universe!

Very simply, the fee schedule works like this:

Dabulamanzi canoe club membership: this gets you club membership and all access to the facilities on offer. (You will receive a tag for the change-rooms and boat pound). It does not entitle you to store your boat in the racks.

Social Junior (U18) R 500.00
Social Student (>18 – U25)
Proof of the current year’s student card is required.
R 500.00
Social Pensioner (>65) R 400.00
Social Senior Member (>25 – <65) R 900.00
Social Country
Proof of membership at Club outside of Gauteng required.
A country member cannot register to race through Dabs.
R 450.00

oat rack: should you wish to store your boat in the boat racks (subject to availability), then this fee applies.

Boat rack (per rack) R 1 100.00


First issue (once-off) R 80.00
Re-issue R 100.00

this is the fee payable to ASA to obtain a license to run. Again, like GCU membership, one needs to be a Basic/Social member first.

ASA/CGA license R 135.00

CSA/GCU Membership fee (ratified at GCU AGM on 26/03/2018):
this is your fee to be affiliated to the Gauteng Canoe Union (GCU) and to be able to race in sanctioned GCU and CSA (Canoeing South Africa) events. The fee goes to GCU, who then registers you as a racing member with CSA. You have to be a Basic/Social member first to apply for this.

GCU 1st Year Junior (U12) Free
GCU – Junior (>12 -U18) R 315.00
GCU – Student (>18 -U25) (current registration required) R 315.00
GCU – Senior Affiliated Member (>25) R 820.00
GCU 3rd Junior Family member (<12) Free
Social paddler, SAMSA levy, anyone >12 years old (non-competing) R 100.00

From this year, each and every paddler MUST log into their CSA profile to update their personal information!

2018/2019 membership runs from 1 April 20178 to 31 March 2019

Download and complete the relevant forms below and submit them to Orcillia Aubertin during office hours to register as a Dabulamanzi member:


There are two proficiency tests to be completed before a new paddler can start competing in any of the flat water and/or river races:

The Flatwater proficiency: paddlers are required to show that they are capable of handling the boat under given instructions by the tester, this will involve getting wet! The test will take approximately 45 mins and will cost R50. Contact Holly Spencer (076 480 1547) to arrange a date.

The River proficiency: after completion of their Flatwater proficiency, the paddler must negotiate his/her way down a 5km long stretch of river (usually along the Klip river) boasting a few small to medium size rapids. Please contact Holly Spencer (076 480 1547) or Robert Levick (083 928 9496) to set up a date. Once a paddler has completed the proficiency tests he/she is free to race any of the C-Grade river races (only). To qualify for A and B grade races, a paddler must accumulate points in B-grade races through the GCU system.


Dabulamanzi Canoe Club owns a fleet of club boats, paddles and life jackets. They are available for members to bring friends and family for the occasional paddle, and any beginners learning through the club coaches. We ask that the following rules are adhered to:

  • Look after the equipment as if it belonged to you.
  • Return the equipment to same place that you found it.
  • Do not try and adjust pedal and t-bar steering systems.
  • Do not remove flotation, wing nuts and/or seat cross bars.
  • Do not remove the equipment from the dam.
  • The equipment is NOT for use on rivers.
  • Report any damage or need for repair to the club.
  • Should you remove seat from a boat please replace it when you are finished paddling.
  • Do not allow new paddlers under the age of 16 unsupervised on the water or without a life jacket.
  • As a courtesy to your fellow club mates, empty the boats when you are done.

We look forward to your cooperation in this regard.