There’s no better time than now to start a fun-filled sport in the great outdoors!


To get a taste of what canoeing is all about, join us on Saturdays from 09:00 – 11:00 for a free introductory class.

Our club coach Attila Adrovicz will be there to show you the ropes – all you need is some sunscreen and clothes that can get wet!

After attending your free introductory class, it’s time to get some technique coaching! Book a session with Attila from 09:00 – 10:00 or from 10:00 – 11:00, for R100 per person. To ensure each beginner receives his full attention, a maximum of 5 beginners are taught in each session.

Attila also offers private sessions for R200 per person.

Please contact Attila to book your lesson, or if you have any queries:


When you feel comfortable in a boat, it’s time to start getting stronger!

Dabulamanzi has 3 time trials every week:

      • Monday beginner’s time trial: starting at 17:30, covering  5 kms. The Canoe Concepts team will be there to record your times – which is great for tracking your progress.
      • Sunday morning time trial: starting at 08:00, covering 10 kms. These time trials are busy, but not as competitive as our Thursday night dice. They are a great place to learn bunch tactics and how to handle waves.
      • Thursday evening club time trial: starting at 17:45, covering 10 kms. This is our most competitive time trial and can be a bit daunting for beginners. To find a spot in a team boat (K2 or K3), contact Holly (076 480 1547) or Paolo (072 711 8444).

Attila also offers private coaching to Dabulamanzi members. To find out more, see our coaching page.


There are two proficiency tests to be completed before a new paddler can start competing in any of the flat water and/or river races:

The Flatwater proficiency: paddlers are required to show that they are capable of handling the boat under given instructions by the tester, this will involve getting wet! The test will take approximately 45 mins and will cost R50. Contact Holly Spencer (076 480 1547) to find out more and to arrange a date.

The River proficiency: after completing their Flatwater proficiency, the paddler must negotiate his/her way down a 5km long stretch of river boasting a few small to medium size rapids. Please contact Holly Spencer (076 480 1547) to set up a date. Once a paddler has completed the proficiency tests he/she is free to race any of the C-Grade river races (only). To qualify for A and B grade races, a paddler must accumulate points in B-grade races through the GCU system.