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Good day, Paddlers,

Another committee meeting has come and gone, and the dedicated souls that keep your club running have more fascinating tidbits to share with you including details regarding the winter solstice timetrial and an upcoming liebenbergsvlei trip.

There was a fair amount of discussion around the payment of fees, I may add. So hopefully that section is not of interest to most of you, because you’ve paid.

Have a good week, and enjoy the winter solstice, the mornings start getting lighter as of Friday.

From the Transvaal Navy Commodore (in his own words)

This weekend is the Scottburgh2Brighton surf ski race
This is an iconic race
Over 50 years old (a bit like the Commodore – Ed’s note)
Predictions look perfect for the Transvaal Navy: surf of 1.3m at Toti.
You can do it
You know you want to
Don’t be scared

And now in the Editor’s words: I’ve seen a lot of photos of millions of sardines which will be jostling for position with the paddlers down there this weekend. So you can consider yourself part of, as David Attenborough terms it “the greatest migration on earth”. Along with the Bronzies and other johnnies.
Don’t be scared.

Unpaid fees and outstanding memberships

While Wayne Jacobs’ result in the SA Marathon Champs may have been outstanding, a fairly large percentage of our members are outstanding in a different way. There is a hefty chunk of change that could be going towards making our club a better place which is yet to be collected. A mere two and a half months late now.

We acknowledge that the unbelievable burden of filling in all those forms may put some of you off, but take solace in the fact that next year it will be automated and make the last push this year to get it done. You really shouldn’t be using the club’s facilities at all if you are not a member, which, if you haven’t paid and signed up, you aren’t.

At the moment, there aren’t any slaps on the wrist, but in due course we will put a list up at the club to remind members of their unpaid racks and fees.

Squatting boats are also to be impounded and released on payment with interest.

Winter Solstice Dice

Hi All, it is with great excitement that we announce the Annual Winter Solstice this week! In celebration of this astronomical phenomenon marking the start of longer days and shorter nights gluhwein will be available and will be served hot! The start time has been delayed in the hope that those of you involved in the JHB rat race may be able to attend…!

Also don’t forget that this event is included in the Add Resins “Derakane Dash” and will count as a point!

Time: 6pm sharp

Date: 21 June 2018

Distance – 5km

Look forward to seeing you there. Please contact Rob Levick on 083 928 9496 if you have any questions.

Dam Wall Clean-up

Not sure how to sell this one. As a club, we need to do our bit to make the facilities as amenable as possible and thus enjoy the time we spend here.

All this involves is a little bit of light weeding on the dam wall and then perhaps some beers and banter afterwards.

It is scheduled for the 8th of July. Please help!


Don’t forget about Adro’s coaching offering as outlined in previous newsletters and on the website. He will get you where you need to be. And for those of you who think you are already where you need to be, remember that what got you here won’t get you there.

Liebenbegsvlei trip

Dabs is continuing the momentum of doing monthly trips on the Liebenbergsvlei. The next one is scheduled for the 14th and 15th of July.

Again, the idea is to trip the Day 1 section from Reitz Waterworks to the finish on Zorgvliet Farm.

We are wanting to encourage new paddlers (and Juniors in particular) Therefore, we would appreciate volunteers to offer their services by ushering these willing newcomers down the river in a K2.

The Dabs trailer can arranged for boat transport if necessary.

The details of these trips will be communicated via a WhatsApp group. Therefore, if you are interested in having your number added to this group, please contact MJ Robb (078-407-1638) or Kelvin Byres for Juniors (076-810-0782).

It’s a great opportunity to get some river legs, or do some scouting if you planning on doing the race in September, see below:


Attention again paddlers.. It gives Rob Levick great pleasure (he’s easy to please) to announce that the winter series is back and with the change of season comes a change in name…  The Dabulamanzi Derakane Dash Winter Series! In 2016 we had the Chill Cheaters… In 2017 we had the dry bags – both of these are the envy of every South African, if not the world’s paddling community… With this in mind 2018’s prize promises to Trump both of these and so he urges the paddlers and socialites alike to clear their calendars from June to August so that they don’t miss out!!!

Watch this space as well as the club for further details!

Special thanks to our sponsor Add Resins, without whom this event would not be possible.

And if you haven’t managed to get to the Add Resins winter series yet, remember this:

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