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The rivers are filling up. General notices: Races – Liebensbergvlei & Vaal coming soon to a river near you. Dabs boat sale – Sun 29th Nov @ 10.30a. Oink and Moo.
Some general things, and stern warnings
As most of you will now be aware, the Derakane Dash Dabs Spring TT series has started.  It ends 3rd December and to qualify for a prize you need to have completed 7 out of the 10 Thursday time trials.
Please could we request help from our members:  Club equipment (canoes, life jackets, paddles)  is not for general use.  As stipulated in the indemnity form, beginners may use club equipment for 3 months after they join the club.  During this time, they are to please pre-book a canoe with Atilla.  After 3 months, beginners are expected to buy their own equipment. If you took up cycling, after 3 months you would have spent a million rand, so paddling is a low barriers to entry option.  If you would like friends and family members to learn to paddle, please use the existing club structures.  We have a team of coaches who would love to teach your friends and family to paddle!
 Also please do not allow your children to play on the candoc or to lean/play on the canoe polo goal posts.  The candoc is not to be run on or otherwise interfered with.  It is a very expensive piece of equipment and it is being damaged by people who are treating it as a giant lilo.
The club is for the use of paid up members only.  Staff have been instructed not to open the gates for anyone without a tag.  In the interests of security, please respect the above and do not let in non-members.  Please also ensure that the door to the change rooms is not jammed open by paint tins etc.  Only people with tags may access the change rooms.  If you are unable to pay your subs, please contact Sarah, Kelvin or Neil and they will be more than happy to reach an arrangement with you.
Hooray for the ‘vlei


 71st VAAL MARATHON 2020
05 December and 06 December 2020 at 08h00

Start Day 1:
Vaal Dam Wall 05 December 2020 08h00
Time 08h00
Finish Day 1:
Three Rivers Riverfront Estate
Start Day 2:
Eden Manor Below Barrage 08h00
Time 08h00
Finish Day 2:
Smiling Thru Parys
Oink & Moo

These guys are very paddler friendly and are delivering food to Dabs after TT on Thursday evenings. But they are also a great Saturday or Sunday post paddle coffee stop. Especially if you like pigs and cows.

You all know the one about the difference between commitment and involvement? 

The cow is involved, the pig is committed. Deeply committed. Like you should be about your paddling and your club.

No idea why this pig is looking so happy working for this company. It’s like he’s doing Umko for the first time, and doesn’t know what’s around the first corner.