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Mostly a big thank you. Some Level 3 guidelines. Donations for Snethemba – WELL DONE! SCARC food parcels – WELL DONE! Fees – not so well done.
A few level 3 guidelines

It’s breakout day, and everyone will be eager to get back on the water, in spite of the fact that you might fall out of a K1 after 2 months off. Some guidelines to make sure the curtain twitchers don’t send us back to Level 4:
– The club is still closed and the showers are undergoing renovation (not because of COVID, but because they were starting to remind everyone of prison)
– Access to boats is open, your tag (if you’ve paid your fees) will work for the pound
– Keep bunches to 4 or less. That means you will be able to sit on a diamond, but you might have to take a turn on the front
– Wear masks on the bank (and keep buffs or something around your neck on the water)
– No TT
– No fisticuffs at the buoys, maintain social distancing, if you must hit each other, try do it from 2 metres away or swear instead
– Don’t loiter in groups on the bank.
Let’s not give any spoilsports (literally) the ammo to shut the dam back down again. Enjoy being back out there!
Letter of thanks from Snethemba Ntombela

I think you can understand in reading this how much your support means. Thank you awesome Dabulamanzi members.
A time of SCARCity

Following our request for help for food parcels, DABS has managed to raise over R30 000 for our SCARC members.  This has made a huge difference in ensuring that all the families have sufficient to eat and the essential hygiene requirements.

Give yourself a warm hug and a piece of chocolate, people. Your generosity is remarkable and you will be rewarded, perhaps by coming back in your next life as a hippo, spending all day next to a bushveld river, dozing in the sun.

Steve Jourdaan has just done an interview with Newzroom Afrika on SCARC and canoeing, they will apparently be screening it at 18.45 and 19.45 tomorrow evening (Tuesday the 2nd) on DSTV 405.

SCARCies receiving food packs and having their temperatures taken. Well done again, Dabsters.
Fees and thank you

The club needs cash at this point in time, there are no bar revenues <teary eyed emoji> and yet there are still bills to pay. Please pay your fees if you can. The leniency on fees for those who need it is for those who really need it.

For the rest, if you can pay, please pay. You don’t even need to try and fill in all the forms. You can do that when you have a Hansa in hand one evening in the dark distant future.

<hands clasped in thanks emoji> 
Advertising on Facebook

In case you didn’t know, you are welcome to advertise your businesses on our DABS facebook page.

And our members will support these businesses.

Won’t you, members?