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Dabulamanzi paddlers will take any opportunity and turn it into a reason to come together and celebrate something – anything. This reason was worth it…

14 weeks of winter time trials. 14 weeks of paddling in the dark, paddling in the cold and more times than other, paddling alone. Winter was 14 weeks too long. But thanks to Derakane Resins and Plastic & Chemical Trading who sponsored the Winter Time Trial, we were spoiled with braais, OBs, glühwein, prizes and to end it off – a SPRING PARTY…

1 September arrived. The day when South Africans expect the bees to buzz, flowers to bloom and for winter to dust itself off and leave. Many people will tell you that this is most probably the coldest day of the year and that Spring always plays a nasty trick on you. However this year fell nothing short of greatness. With every paddler brightly dressed, floral crowns handed out and our favourite speaker “Otto” plugged in, Dabulamanzi was ready for the water. 

After a 10km time trial, paddlers celebrated the coming of spring with Gin & Tonics, lucky draw prizes and prego rolls before dancing the night away. 

The Winter Time Trial results will soon be posted for all members to evaluate. To win a Series rize, you should’ve done 8/14 time trials between June and August. 

A great thank you to all of the paddlers who continuously bring the jol!