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So much fun was had, on what was a beautiful summers afternoon at Dabs. First up was a 400m K2 race where the driver was blindfolded and the back seat paddler had to give directions, which proved to be harder than one would have thought. MJ, aka SwemJay, and his partner E3 managed to swim twice – and that wasn’t the last of their swims. Sushi and Owethu claimed third place, second were Luke and Harry, first were Neil and Karl. Needless
to say, the swimmers came last.

Next up was the tug-of-war where a rope was tied around the back cockpits of two doubles who then had to paddle away from each other. Who ever pulled hardest then dragged their opponents backwards – which generally resulted in them swimming, providing good humour for the spectators. There was some skulduggery, like when Matt & Renchi beat their opponents after fiddling with their paddles, and there were some who jumped the gun. There were also some furious battles; Willie and Mike failing to beat Wayne and his sons in a K3, TK and his mate Matt failing to beat the Garden boy and Kyle. The final was Luke and Harry up against Neil and Karl (who were using flat bladed short polo paddles). Luke and Harry went backwards very fast and soon swam. Karl who was in the back of the victors boat then stood up, turned around and sat down so that he and Neil were back to back – and then they paddled against each other, with the boat remaining stationary.

The last event was jousting where the front paddler was armed with a lance (a piece on conduit with a pool noodle wrapped around it) while a lifejacket served as a shield and a helmet added some aesthetic value. The little Armdorf’s were up against some even smaller Scarcies, and they managed to sink both their boats. Michelle and Wongama then sank Gabby and Grants boat, which resulted in Garden blasting out his own version of “that sinking feeling” while he sank yet another Hansa. While some of the jousting was soft, the final was brutal. Kyle and Mark were up against Neil and Karl. They started with the front lance man kneeling as opposed to sitting; Kyle smacked Neil really hard, but Neil rode the blow knocking Kyle and Mark into the water.

3 out of 3 for Neil (Burger, Willies son, the polo player) and Karl (a polo player from Potch/Namibia), well done guys. Neil and Karl were dressed in pink tops and tutus and they bought a lot of gees to the afternoon. They each won a big jug of OB’s for their efforts – while MJ & E3 also got one for all their swimming. Hero of the day was Brad Boule who organised it all. Well done TK – we think you might have started something good and fun, and although there may be future tweaks and modifications, we will be keeping this on the calendar. Talking fun, some lucky guys are going to have a whole lot of fun at the Hop Non Stop this coming weekend, enjoy! Then it’s the High Altitude, woohooo! Whether you are paddling or not this is always a whole lot of fun. We hope to see you, your friends and family there – don’t be scared!