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The Easter Holiday Canoeing Clinic

Covid killed many things off; so it’s great when good, healthy, fun things survive. Thankfully the Canoeing Clinic is alive and well; and this years’ is bigger and more diverse than ever before, with 22 boys and girls ranging from beginners as young as 9, through to 18-year-old dedicated High-Performance-Paddlers. Some are there to get a feel for the sport, while others are training hard for the SA School Champs and the SA Junior Trials.

The 10-day training program is a busy one including sprints, endurance, technical aspects and canoe polo. Off the water there are ergo sessions and video analysis’ in the clubhouse. A typical day starts at 09hoo and has two different sessions before a lunch break and then an afternoon session, ending at about 16hoo. Young athletes are always hungry, as our coach from Hungary, Attila Adrovicz aka AdroCoach is well aware, and so his wife Silvia serves up wholesome Hungarian breakfasts, snacks and lunches on a daily basis. Beyond the training from Adro, an Olympic medalist who has worked with both the Hungarian and South African National teams, Dabulamanzi provides fantastic clubhouse facilities, plus the club also loans boats and paddles to beginners; more reasons as to why Dabulamanzi is the best club in the whole dam universe. The clinic also enjoys the much-appreciated support of EuroSteel, Adreach and The Guardian.

The current clinic runs through to Friday 21st April, there may be one in the July/August break and then there will be another just after New Year’s. So, if you have kids, or friends with kids who spend their holidays at home getting bored, why not give them a gift of exercise, fresh air and out-door fun? Looking at the happy faces we hope they will become the next generation of Dabulamanzi Flag Flyers, and who knows, perhaps someone will go on to become an international champion. More than anything our sport needs new blood, so it really is fantastic to see the Canoeing Clinic back again, and we hope it grows from strength to strength. Good luck to all attending the School Champs and Junior Trials. Go Dabs!