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In our Freedom Paddle report we failed to recognise our last man home; with the third longest surfski time out there in those testing conditions. 40 single skis started the race, just 26 finished. Louis Eksteen was one of those, coming home in 4hours 19. That’s a very long, very hard and very lonely outing for at 27km race. Louis; Respek wel verdien!

The Marathon Series moved to Pretoria over the weekend, where Clint Cook followed up his K1 win at Florida with another K1 win, but this weekend it seems that the lads from TUKS had some home ground advantage as they claimed second and third positions from the Dabs competitors. Well done to Luke who was 4th overall and 1st Under 18, and to Bruno who was 5th over all and 1st Under 16. In the ladies section, Dabs owned the podium. Well done to Kayla (U16) who won followed by Sarah (U18) and then Karen. We hope Sarah didn’t get into trouble for not waiting for her mom.

It’s a K2 event on Saturday, this time at VLC. We hope to see Dabs dominating again.
Go Dabs!