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As predicted, the Turtle (Moelslang Moz) Tour didn’t disappoint. Those who went were stoked to have been. The general feedback was that it was incredible, the best ocean paddling ever; the currents were just amazing the weather was perfect. Plus the guys now have cool lumo tour t-shirts. Also as predicted, there were some stories. On day one Geachie, Rob L and Basti nearly sank in a swamp, which was only an issue because they were driving the vehicle with all the food and drinks. It was several hours before they got in and rest of the guys were hungry which resulted in an unplanned and rather large bar bill. And then there was Brad on day two. It’s a long story but in short he had rudder problems, his boat was smashed to smithereens by a rogue wave and then he had to walk through the night to get back. Some lessons need to be learned here. Having no buddy, no lifejacket, no phone, no water and no food are all serious no-no’s – fortunately it eventually ended well. Mad Brad kept a piece of the boat which should probably become the Moz Mampara Award for next year’s tour. A very proper induction for our newest club member; welcome Basti!

Well done and thanks to all who came out to support our club committee at Thursdays AGM. It was quite competitive with our Chairperson putting on a far better slideshow than the likes of our financial or legal guys. We are not sure why, but it was interesting that our secretary had to sit by herself in the corner, a bit like Cacfonix from the Asterix stories; shame. Anyway, the meeting was short and sweet but the drinking was not. Some stayed a lot later than planned and had sore heads the next day, including Rob L who nominated himself for social position and had so much fun it took him 3 days to recover his car from the club. Thanks to all the committee members for all they do – it’s much appreciated.

While there were no paddling races this weekend, the Comrades Marathon was fantastic. Both the men and women records were broken and broken properly. Amazing feats. In the end only 5 started in Dabs colours. Well done to Damon Symondson who got home first in 7hrs 58. Alex was next home in 10hrs 48 followed Murray C in 10hrs 51 and then by Patrick in 11hrs 21. Patrick was running in his dad’s number and now that he has completed his tenth Comrades the number 1638 will forever be owned by the Reeves; truly special for Pat. The only problem is now he has to run in it next year. Sadly Kevin didn’t finish; we are not sure what is worse, that or doing all the training and then not being able to start like Kirsty and Derek. Although not running in Dabs colours, well done to Claudia Feige, a Dabs Darling and junior paddlers mom who ran 9hrs 46 and also to Ian Benson, our Chairman for 12 years who started up the Dabs running section in 1990 and completed his 37th Comrades in 11hrs 32. Doing so many is mad, but if you can you really should try; it is the ultimate human race.

Best of luck to all who are off to St Francis Bay for the SA Marathons and / or Surfski Champs this weekend, we hope that Dabs dominates the podiums. Matt still has space on the trailer and as he says, the venue is superb, so if you can, go. For those that like to party after TT, the good news is that Friday is a holiday – enjoy!