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Snow fell in Jo’burg on Monday morning, for the first time in over a decade. It wasn’t heavy but it still created much excitement, and with this, winter really became real. It was so cold that Marky Mark couldn’t get out of bed for the Tuesday school. Without his chirps and singing it must have been a session of silence for the likes of Ryan, Roger and Hardi who reported: “it turned out to be fine; not windy, and no ice on decks, not bad at all!”

Monday was also the start of the 6-day FirstRand Skills Development Camp at Florida Lake Canoe Club. A huge well done to Nkosi, Nomthy and team not to mention the 53 SCARCies who braved the snow and wind in the coldest week of the year while we were hugging heaters at work or at home. Along with hard core paddling and boot camp sessions there was first aid training with a City of Johannesburg EMS safety officer, talks from motivational speakers who had survived rough upbringings, alcoholism and drug addiction, physical education classes and pilates with Sonja. Following 5 days of discussions groups the highlight was Saturday’s group presentations of their projects on “If you were President for a Day, what action would you take?” Some amazing insights came out this young group, and they were happy to say they survived the snow and the cold. Congratulations and thank you to all involved.

This Saturday it will probably still be chilly at the Centurion 9 Miler, but the fire will be roaring at their clubhouse, as it will be at ours later in the day. Don’t forget to book yourself in for both their race and our fund raiser. Apparently the Dabblers have some new tunes, but the old favourites are always good, and we will likely hear and see some ‘free falling’. Come and have some fun.