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Hi guys. Winter may still be here, but spring is on its way, which means its nearly time for the river racing season and the famous Fish, with this being a K2 year. So, find a friend and plan to do the Liebensberg which is just over a month away. Its good training, good fun, and it’s our clubs’ race, so we hope to see it well supported; and then we hope to see Dabs dominate down in Cradock, on the river and at the parties. But please try find a friend who can see obstacles that may be in the way.

On the international river racing scene, it was the 85th running of the Sella on Saturday. This legendary race in Spain is said to be the greatest canoeing fiesta in the world because of its chaotic mass start with over a thousand paddlers that all set off at the same time and because of thousands more spectators that gather at the start, the finish and along the way. Although only 19km, it has always attracted the world’s best and South Africa has had several winners over the years including Chalupsky & Culverwell in 1969, Turan & Carlisle in 1978, Turan and Greef in 1980, the Chalupsky brothers in 1986, Perrow & Evans in 1991 and Conradie & Wilson in 1997. The winner’s names are carved into the stonework of the Ribadesella Bridge where the race finishes, and this year the French crew of Urban & Candy claimed these honours. SA’s EuroSteel crews of Matt & Josh Fenn were 6th, Andy Birkett & Uli Hart came 9th, while Hank McGregor & Hamish Lovemore were 11th which meant that South Africa won the country competition; well done boys. While it’s always interesting to see different rivers and all the different types of canoes and kayaks over there, what was noticeable was that there wasn’t a single K3 (Dabs lads will no doubt remedy this), nor anything that looked like a rapid. As Steve said, for the likes of most of us, there’s far more fun to be had at the Liebensberg.
Next up it’s Women’s Day on Wednesday (Happy Happy to all the Women out there) and the Dabs Darlings will doing good things again this year with the Scarc Sistas at our clubhouse. Over 70 ladies are expected for a full interesting and exciting day. Go girls!

This coming weekend it’s the Tugela 20’s, with day 1 starting just below the Spioenkop Dam. Race fees are relatively cheap, as is the accommodation at Emseni. A big bunch of Dabs Darlings are off to improve their river skills and up their ratings, and if you need qualification points or are just looking to get out of town, this is a beautiful part of our country, so go join them. Please speak to Peter Geach if you are interested in going or in need of a river rating.

In other news well done to Richard Cook who was enjoying an afternoon paddle when he saw and saved a damsel and her dog in distress. A young lady’s Siberian Husky had chased ducks into the dam, so she swam out to save her hound not grasping that the dog would be more comfortable in the cold than she would. Seriously. Anyway, Richard got them both safely back to the side. And finally well done to Patrick who spotted a burst water pipe outside the clubhouse and did some nifty repairs, dressed in dustbin bags so as not to get his clothes soaked. Thanks to Pat for playing Plummer.

Don’t forget to find a friend for the Liebensbergs – Go Dabs!