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The Florida Lake Marathon on Saturday was the first of the series races with a bit of a chill in the air so it was a cold start for the Guppies. Ruoxi showed his form and consistency in winning again and making his mom and dad properly proud, while Buhle took the girls win ahead of Amile. The 200m portage was testing for the juniors, but they managed; well done all. Things warmed up a bit for the seniors who were happy to start a little later. In the dash Gunther squeezed out the U14 David Miller, while Kamilah had a good win over Pippa. In the main race, on an interesting course with lots of turns which introduced all sorts of cornering, pulling and wave riding tactics, Caitlyn pipped Jess while Clint pipped Luke, with Rob C taking third ahead of MJ. So it all sounds like more of the same, but the series is not yet decided – there are still two more races coming up and the best 5 of 7 are the deciders, so current the standings are set to change.

Outside of the marathon series we hosted the Dabs Bonus Race on Sunday, which attracted just short of 100 paddlers. Ruxoi and Buhle were once again the Guppy winners while Clint was once the Men’s winner with Kayla taking the Ladies win. Flem Dog, Pup and Barrow easily won the (uncontested) K3 section, racing against Great Grand Master Monty (who did the portages unlike is his peers) and was still easily faster than the K3. There was quite a bit of swimming for what was a fresh morning, with Theo getting it wrong on a put in and Hardi taking the cake with 3 swims in the space of 1km, but he did finish so sporting respect earned for the second week in a row; well done Hardi. Thank you to TK, Jodi, Caren, Pierre, Gunther and team for putting on a great event. And a BIG shout out to Franks Burgers for feeding us after the race and sponsoring all the Guppy prizes! You guys rock. Dabulamanzi, please support these winners at 19 Bram Fischer Drive.

On a final Winning note, congratulations to Tommo (aka Ryan Thompson) on getting very lucky in marrying Amy this weekend – we wish you happy days Mr. and Mrs. Tommo.