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How Dabulamanzi, the Ridge, Fresh Earth and Activo Health made a difference.

The last 3 months of racing in Gauteng have been non-stop, we started with the build-up to SA Sprints,  had the Amazing Gauteng Marathon Series, followed shortly by the Gauteng Marathon Champs and  then finally ended with the 2024 SA Marathon Canoe Championships.12 weekends of hard racing, often, two days consecutively. The SCARC Team showed their commitment and participated in every race. Being proud of claiming the biggest club entries in most of the races. 

For 6 weeks the SCARC trailer would be loaded with all the boats, in the dark, after every Thursday Time trial at Dabulamanzi where excitement for the weekend would start for all the Children. The first SCARC bus would set off at 04.30am on race day to collect the team members from their homes around Soweto to ensure that they arrived on time, ready to register and to race.

A few days into the Marathon series an observation had been made that the racing was not going well, and the team was under performing. Dabulamanzi Chairman spoke to a couple of children and came to the realisation that their nutritional needs have not been met resulting into varying degrees of hypoglycaemia, low blood sugar. A few brainstorming sessions happened, and immediate action were taken to assist the children to not only help them with the nutrition they need before a race but to educate them on nutrition for future racing. 

Dabulamanzi sat with one challenge, the SCARC Race Nutrition drive needed funding. Whilst all these talks happened the Ridge Parents overheard our dilemma and came to the rescue. A final meeting was held between all parties involved where the meal plans were decided on and the Ridge Parents raised the funds required for Fresh Earth to work their dietary magic. Special breakfast and lunch packs were developed and packed by the Fresh Earth Team. The breakfast packs were delivered to SCARC the night before each race to ensure that everyone had a well-balanced breakfast the next morning on their way to the race. The lunch packs were taken by Dabulamanzi to ensure the Children have a sustainable lunchbox after their race. The racing results improved and there were many more beaming smiles at every race.

To the RIDGE Parents and FRESH EARTH, THANK YOU for caring and making a real difference.

In other, even ore FEEL GOOD News. There is a program running where 230  SCARC family members receives a monthly food parcel to assist in these trying times. As mentioned in the Dabulamanzi AGM, SCARC unfortunately lost their sponsor for the monthly food parcels resulting into many sleepless nights. As the unemployment levels and poverty in Power Park continues to rise making it extremely difficult for the SCARC families to make ends meet at the end of each month. Continues talks were happening and many proposals were sent to prospects but the task were too big to take on. Sean Martin, a Dabulamanzi member and The ACTIVO HEALTH Team raised their hand and will be funding monthly Food Parcels for all the qualifying SCARC Families for the year ahead. Words would never express our gratitude. ACTIVO HEALTH you are our children’s angels– Thank You!

Through the care, commitment and support of Steve Jourdan, the leaders of SCARC, Nkosi and Nomthy, Dabulamanzi, The Ridge, Fresh Earth and Activo Health, we have proven that we can make a difference in this world!

DABULAMANZI “The Finest Canoe Club In The Whole Dam Universe”