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Club 100

We are proud to be Dabulamanzi members! 

The DABS family includes Wits, RAU, and SCARC.

We are proud of our heroes who win races and represent our country. Salute! You are the true legends of DABS.

DABS also has members who fly our flag all over the country and overseas. Time and again we are the noisiest club at major races. Look through the results and you’ll find our paddlers. Sometimes part of a big team effort. Sometimes quietly flying our flag far from home and lonely. No canoeists in the world travel more than these DABS paddlers.

Are you one of these paddlers?

You should be recognised. Recognised for paddling many iconic races. Recognised for all your travelling. Recognised for flying the DABS flag.

Are you one? This is the test.

You need 100 points.

Points must be accumulated in DABS (and family) colours.

You get ONE POINT for every day of a major race.

Major races usually involve travelling; they are iconic; they are usually long; they often involve rapids and surf; they test vasbyt.

River Event Points Earned
Berg 4
Dusi 3
Umko 2
Lowveld 2
50 Miler 2
Fish 2
Breede 2
Drak 2
Vaal 2
Orange 2
NS Dusi 1
NS Umko 1
Ithala 1
Sella 1
Liffey 1
Surf Ski Event Points Earned
Pete Marlin 2
S2B 1
Cape Point 1
M2M 1
Dolphin Coast 1
Marathon Event Points Earned
SA Champs 1
World Champs 1
Olympics 1
Sprint Event Points Earned
SA Champs 1
World Champs 1
Olympics 1


There may be a few more.

Add up your points.

If you have friends who qualify but are no longer members, please share this with them.

A Club 100 BOARD will be erected in the club.

To have your name on the board you need 100 points accumulated in DABS and family colours. Scoring will be very much on a trust basis. If you are in doubt, check.

Club 100 is an unexciting name. Surely we can come up with a better title for the board? Do you have a better name?

If you have more than 100 points please submit your name, boat number and number of points (and if you have an idea for a better name) to Peter O’Connor: Oconpeter@gmail.com