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More Marathon News and Some Important Recognition

This weekend’s racing was at VLC. First up were the Guppies, and it was great to see Greg’s son competing in his first canoe race – some say his style already looks better than his dads; go Jack! The main event was a 20km K2 race. The day was nice and sunny, but it’s always windy at Victoria Lake which makes conditions a little testing, as some discovered. In the men’s section it was a clean sweep for Dabs with Wayne and Brad winning, while Luke and Bruno showed their strength and future potential by coming a close second. Third and a long way back were Clint and Mat. Clint, who has until now always been on the top step of the Gauteng marathon podiums said when interviewed that he was doing his bit for charity and development by paddling with Mat. In the women’s section it was also a clean sweep for Dabs; well done to Sarah and Kayla on winning – they paddled a very honest 20km in that they had no help or company for most of the race, a bit like Skid who arrived with a K1 and stayed single the whole morning. Gabbi and Michelle were second followed by Elandrie and Dorette, who had a swim at an unnamed rapid, but were happy to finish. Respect and thanks to all those who organised the event, all who were there supporting, and respect to all who made the podiums.

Talking respect, we also need to recognise Dabs individuals who are not looking for admiration but deserve it all the same. Most of us know about Brad and Adreach along with Colin and EuroSteel who do so much for the development of our sport, and it has come to our attention that there are others also helping to make a difference. Big up to Alex of CURA Software who has given 4 SCARC paddlers bursaries to study at Richfield College, along with stipends and Samsung tablets. They say education is the passport to a better future, so what a fantastic gift. Respect also to John for gifting a Hyperion to Sikhanyisele Dekekda, the only Scarcie who was selected to represent South Africa at the Olympic Hopes Regatta in Poznan, Poland. Stami paddles a fiberglass river boat, so the super-light carbon boat will make certainly make a difference. We are sure that there are others also helping out and we salute you all.

Next up the Marathons come to Emmarentia as a K1 race, but all craft are welcome, and we hope to see record entries. Please, if you don’t want to pay, don’t paddle on Saturday morning. And finally, last but definitely not least when it comes to important recognition, respect to the moms in our lives – we hope you had a very happy Mother’s Day.

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